Austin Packing and Shipping Service

Capitol Courier can provide full-service crating, packing and shipping of anything to anywhere at anytime. We have the ability to combine custom packing and crating techniques with a variety of shipping and freight services to simplify the process for our customers. Whether you have a large awkward item, a delicate treasure or just an ordinary package, we take pride in getting your goods where they need to be in a safe and efficient manner. Capitol Courier also has full-service warehousing capabilities on site that can be used for receiving shipments, cross dock services, short term storage, product distribution, and fulfillment. We are ready to handle your shipping & warehousing needs from start to finish!

Packing Services

Proper packaging is the most important aspect of "claims free" shipping. Our packing experts take the extra step to ensure that your items are protected throughout the shipping process. We custom pack each item using the best packing and crating materials available within our industry. No item is too large, fragile or valuable for our custom packing techniques. Call one of our packing experts for all of your packing solutions today.

Crating and Palletizing Services

Capitol Courier provides custom crating and palletizing services to handle your large, heavy, or fragile items that are difficult to ship. Our custom crating service enables us to custom build a quality crate to protect your goods throughout the shipping process. We carefully choose the proper crating, packaging and bracing materials to ensure that your item is safe and secure. Palletizing goods can be a simple solution for shipping multiple items. It is often more economical to package and ship these items together on a pallet as one unit. Whether you are a commercial account or a residential customer, Capitol Courier can provide you with the most reliable and cost efficient methods to crate, pack and transport your items across town or across the world.

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